Why I finally created a Facebook account

Facebook is largely a means to commercialize the internet, which was originally conceived as a means for a free and open exchange of information. Anyone remember the “information superhighway”–it is a concept which has largely been replaced by “internet startup” and “online marketing”.

I am disturbed by how everyone is jumping on social networking by turning to commercial entities like Facebook whose business model is based on commercializing your personal information by using it to market to you. We use websites like Facebook without realizing how they perniciously contribute to an overall trend which values the internet as a medium of business rather than a medium of information interchange to empower us as humans and enrich our lives. To learn more, read my Activist Guide To Reform the Computer Industry.

So why am I creating a Facebook page? Basically, I wanted to check out how social networking software works because I am trying to create a website which allows people who speak indigenous and minority languages to translate FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) online. One aspect of the website will be a social networking component to encourage people to get to know their fellow translators and develop a sense of community.

The other reason that I am creating a Facebook account is because I get keep getting these damn messages “so and so has invited you to be their friend”. It is very hard to deny friendship (and that damn peer pressure). So my contrarian nature induces me to write this diatribe, yet my desire to reconnect to old friends induces me to participate in this effort to commercialize the internet even further. I keep moving around so people so I am creating a Facebook profile so people can find me. Most of the year I am in La Paz, Bolivia, but occasionally I am in Greencastle, Indiana visiting my parents.

I love getting random calls and emails from long-lost friends. If you want to contact me.

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