Drupal sucks!

Drupal sucks. I’ve tried to use Drupal 3 times in versions 4, 6 and 7, because everyone keeps telling me how wonderful it is. Perhaps it is a wonderful tool to create web pages, but every time I create a web page with Drupal, I waste many hours, doing the simplest things. Then I install WordPress and decide that Drupal was a waste of my time.

First of all Drupal is damn slow. It needs over 100 tables in its database to do what WordPress does in a dozen tables. Drupal it doesn’t have JavaScript menus, which means that you have to click on the menu, then wait forever for the menu options to appear. The interface is not intuitive at all. I still can’t figure out how to do the simplest things, so I have to google everything. Drupal is a pain to configure.

For example, you want a simple WYSIWYG editor, because it makes it a lot easier to edit content with a nice graphical editor. WordPress and Joomla include TinyMCE by default, but Drupal comes without any WYSIWYG editor. To get one, first you have to install the wysiwyg module. Then, you have to manually create a “sites/all/libraries” directory, because drupal didn’t include by default. Then, you have to manually download the TinyMCE editor and manually unzip it. Then, you have to clear Drupal’s cache to make the option appear so you can select the editor. Then, you waste an hour trying to figure out why it doesn’t work until you discover that TinyMCE 4.x doesn’t work with Drupal 7. Then, you delete the TinyMCE files and download version 3.5. After unpacking it and clearing the cache and then going through a bunch of configuration options, you finally figure out how to select it for “Full HTML” and “Filtered HTML” editing. Then, you see that it still doesn’t work, so you Google around until you discover that the problem is that you need to download the Spanish translation file for TinyMCE, but then you have to spend 15 minutes figuring how how to unzip the translation files into the existing installation. Then, you still don’t see any editor buttons when you edit an article in Drupal, so you Google some more until you discover that you need to edit the configuration of TinyMCE to enable each button for both “Full HTML” and “Filtered HTML”. Then you need to clear the Drupal cache again, so the buttons will show up. In the end, you spend 3 hours getting what should come by default in every Drupal installation.

So here’s how to do all that mess from the command line:
drush @sites dl wysiwyg
drush @sites en wysiwyg
cd /var/www/drupal/sites/all
mkdir libraries
cd libraries
wget http://download.moxiecode.com/tinymce/tinymce_3.5.10.zip
unzip tinymce_3.5.10.zip

(Then go your home computer and open your web browser to http://www.tinymce.com/i18n3x/index.php?ctrl=lang&act=download&pr_id=1, and select the language you want and download it. Then you have to secure copy it over to your server:
scp tinymce_language_pack.zip root@domain.com:/var/www/drupal/sites/all/libraries)
Back at your server, you need to unzip and then rezip the language files one directory up, so it will insert the language files inside the existing installation of TinyMCE:
unzip tinymce_language_pack.zip
cd tinymce_language_pack
zip -r lang.zip *
mv lang.zip ..
cd ..
unzip lang.zip
drush @sites cc all

Now open Drupal in your web browser and go to Modules->wysiwyg->Configure
Select TinyMCE 3.5 for “Full HTML” and “Filtered HTML”.
Then, click on “configure” and select the buttons that you want to appear in the HTML Editor. Do this for every web site you have in Drupal and clear your cache once again just to be sure and now it should now work. Wasn’t that simple?

I appreciate the fact that Drupal wants to give me the option to install 15 HTML editors, but Drupal should make one editor the default and make it just work. At the very least, Drupal should have a simple “tinymce” module which comes already configured, so after you install it, the HTML editor will just work. I could understand if an HTML editor was some esoteric option, but 90% of people who install Drupal need it, so why make it so hard to install and configure?

There has to be some CMS out there which is more configurable than WordPress, but doesn’t require the pain of Drupal.

1 thought on “Drupal sucks!

  1. amosbatto Post author

    My personal drama continues as I try to get a graphical editor in Drupal. I discovered that when you edit content with a wysiwyg editor in Drupal, it removes the dialog to upload images. To get this funcionality back, you have to install the imce and imce bridge for tinymce modules. See: http://www.ostraining.com/blog/drupal/imce-for-drupal-7-integration-with-tinymce/
    Then, you have to configure it to show you the button in TinyMCE. You can also use this module to upload files which you want to link to in your articles in Drupal, but the way to do this is so non-intuitive that no normal user will ever figure it out. You have to click on the Insert Image button in TinyMCE. Then click on the IMCE button next to the URL for Image field. Then upload your file. Then, click on “Insert File”, so you can see the URL in the field. Next, copy that URL, then click on Cancel, to not insert the image in your article. Next, click on the “Insert Hyperlink” button and paste the URL into that dialog box and then insert it into your article. I might as well just edit the HTML, but I am installing this for other people to use–normal people who I can’t tell to scp their files to the server and edit the HTML code to add a link to the uploaded file. Drupal seems to purposely make everything so hard.



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