Developing countries produce 44% more greenhouse gases emissions than developed countries

I added a graph to my article “Experiences at the Cumbre de los pueblos in Lima, Peru during the COP20” to show how developing countries now produce 44% more greenhouse gases emissions than the developed world.

Yesterday, I had an argument with a drunk Bolivian about the fact that Bolivia produces more than 30 tons of GHG emissions per capita, which is 50% more than in the US and 4 times as much as the European average. Bolivians simply can’t accept that they contaminate more on a per capita basis than people in the developed world. It is a very hard mental adjustment to start taking responsibility for climate change, especially when the government and most of society seem to be in denial. It is a different type of denial than in the US, where people deny the science of climate change. In Bolivia, most people don’t deny that climate change is occurring, but they deny that Bolivians are playing any part in making it happen. For example, I have yet to see a single article in the Bolivian press, saying that the principal reason that Bolivia is loosing its glaciers is the black carbon produced by fires in Bolivia.

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