The failure of China’s development model

This fascinating article explains how China has achieved economic growth and why that growth is destroying the environment.

The stability of China’s political system rests on maintaining employment, which means keeping growth high, so there seems to be no way out except to overthrow the political system. It is very depressing reading but extremely enlightening. The next time I talk to someone who talks about the miracle of Chinese economic growth, I will point them to this article.

In some ways Bolivia is going down a similar path of growth based on destruction of its environment. The MAS party is destroying the environment in the name of dirty development, but now the Bolivian state has become so dependent on growth that it can’t stop it if wants to stay in power. It needs to keep exporting more and more natural gas to have the money to pay for the programs that make it popular with voters, and it needs to allow more deforestation to keep the soy agroindustry and the cattle raisers happy.

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