We should be grateful that Mueller just made Trump unimpeachable

I always thought that the Russian collusion story was improbable and largely a distraction pushed by the establishment Democrats to deflect from the fact that they ran such a horrible presidential campaign in 2016 that alienated their base and the working class. Rather than reform the party, the establishment Democrats used Russia as their excuse for why they lost and most of the media ran with that story.

What bothers me is that the media invested so much time in the Russia story which was always sketchy when we have much clearer cases of Trump doing specific policies in favor of Saudi Arabia, Israel and China and receiving personal financial benefit in violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution. However, what most bothers me is the fact that the Russia story sucked up so much oxygen that the media didn’t focus on Trump’s policies, which is what matters. The other thing that bothers me is that the Russian collusion story has helped push the US into a new cold war with Russia.

In a way, we should be grateful that Trump has now become unimpeachable, because it will make it much harder for the Republicans to try and impeach a future Democratic president that they don’t like.

In my humble opinion, Bernie Sanders has the best odds of becoming the next president of any of the potential candidates. (Yes, my judgment is biased, but I’m probably less biased than most of the so-called pundits in the mainstream media.) The Republicans and the establishment wing of the Democratic Party would be more than willing to impeach a President Sanders once he starts eliminating the private health care industry and destroys the profits of the military industrial complex, the fossil fuel companies, the drug companies, the Washington lobby firms, the political consultancies, etc., and the mainstream media that depends on their advertising dollars. Sanders represents a far greater threat to the system than a fake populist like Trump, and we can now thank Trump for inoculating Sanders against potential impeachment.

Mostly we should be grateful that the media circus will have to now focus its attention on the horse race in the Democratic primary. Unlike most primaries in the past, this will be a serious debate about Medicare for All, climate change and the Green New Deal, the $15 minimum wage, regimen change wars, the influence of money in politics, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, anti-trust (breaking up or regulating the big banks and tech giants), and regulation of Capitalism in general. In other words, Americans will debate and have a chance to vote on many of the important issues that have been swept under the rug for the last 40 years by the Democratic Party. Instead of mourning that Trump won’t be impeached, we should be celebrating that democracy is starting to actually function as it should in America, where ordinary people are asked to vote on the major issues that face their country, rather than simply participate in another farcical spectacle that we call “democracy,” where most of the important issues are off the table.

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