Conservatives have only themselves to blame for the Green New Deal

American conservatives are finally starting to acknowledge that climate change is a real problem, and not just some dastardly liberal plot to raise their taxes and control their lives. Even though the majority of Republican voters now say that they believe that climate change is happening and humans are the cause, they are still engaged in a type of denialism about the kinds of solutions which are required to tackle the problem.

Kyle Kulinski, the host of Secular Talk, talked to Joe Rogan about climate change:

The response that I saw in the comments to this video from a conservative named Gil Fiazon is typical of the new kind of denialism:

Gil Fiazon link

I have never heard a more straw-man description of conservative views on climate change. They are not denying it, the are not denying man’s involvement, they are denying the ridiculous measures the democrats suggest to combat it.

I got annoyed with this dodge, so I responded:

Amos Batto link

The problem with your argument is that American conservative have presented no plans to solve climate change. The conservative plan to solve climate change should have been James Hansen’s revenue-neutral carbon fee-and-dividend, but conservatives demonized and smeared Hansen for decades, and refused to acknowledge that his plan was based on conservative principals, unlike the Green New Deal.

Because conservatives retreated into denial instead of presenting their own plans based on their principals, the only people in the room talking about solutions were the progressives, which is why we are going to end up with the Green New Deal.

If you don’t like, then you should have voted out all the Republicans who were corrupt and parroted the propaganda from the fossil fuel industry. Currently, 60% of Republicans in the US Congress deny anthropogenic climate change, and both Trump and McConnell as leaders of the Republican party deny it. If Republicans had been willing to accept reasonable solutions, we would have gotten some kind of carbon market in 1991 under George H. W. Bush. Bill Clinton would have been happy to compromise with Republicans on a carbon market in the mid-1990s, but Republicans became pure obstructionists, who had no interest in any solution to the problem.

It is the Republicans own damn fault, so they will have to live with the Green New Deal, because we have now gotten to the point that we need rapid implementation on a massive scale, and the most effective way to make that happen is for the government to step in and do all sorts of intervention, which conservative hate. They have nobody to blame but themselves, because they spent decades denying the science and obstructing the most reasonable measures, so they will have to live with the consequences of their denialism.

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